Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Place: Victoria, BC

Things to appreciate about the CRD, Number 1:

Just when life gets monotonous and my early afternoon "naptime" walks with the little boy I look after seem to take the same 3 routes with the same 5 coffee shops, somethings happens. I decide to turn left instead of right, and at once, I've stumbled past somebody's regular cafe/bistro and fresh market that I didn't even know existed.

How silly of me to forget to explore the possibility of boutiques and cupcakeries that don't reside in Estevan Village, or to imagine that Haultain Corners hosts the only great furniture consignment shop. Often I feel I've experienced all Victoria has to offer, and don't realize that this predicament is self-afflicted and occurs because I've kept to the places I know and forgotten to search out the inexperienced.

Here's to discovery. In posts to come, I will attempt to document and comment on exciting findings, as well as share some old favorites.

Thank you Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay for keeping the small town alive in the CRD.

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