Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing: Ribena


Recently my love for the black currant flavoured drink syrup was rekindled, and I wanted to share the experience. What a multifaceted drink!
It serves as a fancy non-alcoholic treat for kids when mixed with soda water, as well as an everyday thirst quenching juice when combined with water and ice. Although, admittedly it is simply glorified sugar water for me it harbors sentimental value as well as a "grape-drink taste" alternative and serves as a more sophisticated juice box experience.

I associate Ribena with my mother's Swiss friend who looked after me at a young age, as well as my first trip over-seas to London when I was 10, and more recently, a trip to Norway as well as dinners at our Swedish/Norwegian family friends' home. Every time I drink it, I'm reminded of these people and places and it feels exciting and familiar at the same time.

Ribena gives me wiiings.

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