Thursday, April 21, 2011

Person: Me

I am 19. I am a woman (of sorts, I don't have a job or pay rent or have children). I go to University. I am in between programs. I am working towards a degree in Child and Youth Care. I don't babysit the little boy I used to, he moved away. I am still in a relationship with Chad. I still live at my parents house. I still live in Victoria. I received a D in my Psychology 210: Conceptual Foundations course even though I really enjoy Psychology. I took two Linguistic courses even though I didn't enjoy them. I have only made two friends at UVic one of whom, honestly, I don't even like. I am lonely often. I still love bagels. I still love coffee. I have gained weight. I am afraid of getting a job. I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time outside. I still like taking pictures, and do so on a regular basis. I have a bad case of Wanderlust.

These are facts about myself that I know are certain.

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