Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Person: Todd Selby

This man has made a career out of my main, and really, only hobby: taking pictures of people and their things. Todd Selby created The Selby is in your place. It is a photography website that consists of albums of people in their place, meaning their jobs and homes.

It's some of the most inspiring work I've ever come across. His photos are accessibly simple, just people and their things and places, but at the same time have a profound quality when Selby captures an expression as fleeting as the momentary glance to the boiling liquid on a stove to make sure it isn't burning or a mother's eyebrows questioning "what's wrong?" before the thought reaches her lips.

He's very talented, and his subjects are all made so intriguing in the composition of the photos. They are brightly lit and the colours are sharp, inviting the viewer to stare for a while, discovering all the parts like in an I Spy book.

For a quick peek, here are the favorite Todd Selby photos of 2010.

In the 'about' blurb on The, it says that Todd started out taking pictures of his friends in their homes and posting the pictures on his website. Eventually he started getting requests.

It may be a while, if ever before I start getting requests, but I'm in the process of starting my own project. I wont call it The Ankersen though, that lands a bit heavy on the tongue.

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