Thursday, April 15, 2010

Place: Starbucks Everywhere

I drink coffee every day. I love rich dark roast with hints of chocolate, and heavy bodied espresso. I would do almost anything for well made wet cappuccino. I get really into my coffee, which is a little embarrassing; I recognize how irritating "those people" are. I just really enjoy coffee.

I enjoy it so much that I've grown tired of Starbucks and have moved on to greater things.

My goal is now to find great coffee, locally. And for the most part I think I've succeeded. But that is another post. Today is about my Starbucks dilemma. While I love brewing Starbucks beans at home -my favorite roast being Cafe Verona- I am often disappointed with the quality of store-bought Starbucks drinks.

For example, an Americano should always be made with the water first and espresso after. This way the crema from the espresso is not dissipated by water being poured over it. However, at Starbucks, some water is always added on top of the espresso unless you specify "all water first".

I think it is bad faith for Starbucks to rely on the "tastyness" of their beans rather than the quality of their drinks.

In any case, today is "free coffee with a travel mug" day at Starbucks, and although my coffee needs can no longer be properly met by Starbucks baristas, I will be participating in this event, because really, who can say no to free coffee?

As a follow up to this post I intend to compare local coffee shops and rate other excellent choices of beans for home brewing and hopefully I'll never have to endure another mediocre Americano, not-so-wet "wet cappuccino", or pay $20.00 for a pound of beans again.

Unless you're offering me free coffee, so long Starbucks.

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